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Margin and Leverage

Margin and Leverage in Forex Trading

Let’s say,that you want to trade a mini lot,remember that was 0.1 and it was worth,$1 per pip that is 10,000 units of,currency that seems odd but when you trade a mini lot you’re controlling,10,000 units of currency but let’s say that you only have $1,000 in your trading account how can you control a,10,000 unit position and I say units,because your account may be denominated in pounds or euros…

Market Commentary

Stocks await Trump’s Hong Kong decision; dollar skids on Fed remarks

Morning, this is the daily market commentary. Thanks for reading. Markets are bracing themselves for US president Trump’s press conference expected later today for his decision on what actions to take against China and Hong Kong. The Chinese Parliament yesterday passed the controversial national security bill,which is seen as eroding Hong Kong’s autonomy from China. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has already warned, that the legislation would endanger Hong…

Market Outlook

Weekly Forex Outlook – Week of 25th May 2020

Now it’s looking to be a fairly quiet week however there are a few things coming up that markets will be looking at. Let’s start with a developing us-china feud and it appears though that the Australian dollar has brushed off these renewed tensions. Australia will be reporting quarterly figures on construction, that’s on Wednesday and capital expenditure on Thursday. We’ve seen some rising,tensions between the US and China and,that…


FPMarkets.com Review

Today i am going to write a review about a regulated broker from Australia, they are FPMarkets.com . Founded in 2005, they are regulated in ASIC and CySEC . They are a forex and CFDs broker and source their liquidity from major investment banks. They include Barclays, HSBS, JPM, RBS, Goldman Sachs etc. They offer a high leverage of 1:500 for all clients except for European clients which is 1:30. Two…

Forex swaps

What is Swaps in forex trading?

Hey everybody welcomes we’re adding a little lesson in between other lessons so bear with us. Trading or FX trading swap is the interest paid at the time of rollover, every day the currency market sort of rolls over at about 5 p.m. I was being really careful this time night to draw, slowly yeah maybe it was because I zoomed in and if I gotta wait till that thing disappears at about 5:00…

10 tips forex

Learn Forex Trading in 10 Steps

Alright guys, welcome back, in this article I’m going to be teaching you what I believe are the 10 most important steps when you’re learning to trade Forex. Alright so number one is commit to it. so people dabble these days people have got so much information at their fingertips and they’ve got instant gratification everywhere and they they’re in this dabbling mentality; they develop this dabbling mentality if you’re…