PnL report of my automated trading robot

P&L Report of automated trading robot
May 2, 2016

Hi Guys, After a long break and trying to find the Holy Grail of forex, I might just have found the answer. Please see the screenshot attached. I have started live account for one week with $3,000 and profited 10.9% so far. NB: I have actually did rigorous back testing with this EA and found the best settings to avoid a huge drawdown with minimal risks. Any questions regarding this…


Do’s and Don’ts In Forex Trading

Dos' and Don'ts'
July 4, 2015

Forex trading can be extremely rewarding if you are a disciplined trader or if you have a broker who is disciplined as far as trading is concerned. This is why those who succeed in forex trading make it really large while those who fail become part of the vast majority of failed disgruntled traders! Although there is no best way of trading, but knowing what the pitfalls could be, keeps…