Pip Collector EA results from July 2019 to Oct 2019

monthlyreturns chart
October 13, 2019

Dear Readers, I would like to show you my trading equity curve for the last three months. It came off as a profit factor of 6.40. I have been using my Pip Collector EA that I devised myself after many years of trial and error (about 10 years) and vigorous testing. I am glad that my EA is consistently making now with minimal human intervention. Please see screenshots below and…


Latest year to date returns PnL – 19 June 2016

importance of risk management
June 19, 2016

Hi Guys, had been busy lately with work lately, however my EA had been trading well with minimal supervision. Ytd returns: 38.9%, $1,179 and I have since withdrawn 50% of my initial capital to reduce risk. Will be withdrawing the rest of the 50% and by then will be trading with free money. Next week is a tough week as UK referendum falls on 23 June 2016; a lot of…


Pnl Report for 11-13 May 2016

P&L Report for 11 to 13 May 2016
May 14, 2016

Quite a fantastic last 3 days as the profit factor went higher and higher with 90% win rate, drawdown was 0.47% vs net profit $127.27 with profit factor of 4.24. See my account balance growing day by day. I can gladly provide copying of my trades if you email us or “contact us”


PnL report of my automated trading robot

P&L Report of automated trading robot
May 2, 2016

Hi Guys, After a long break and trying to find the Holy Grail of forex, I might just have found the answer. Please see the screenshot attached. I have started live account for one week with $3,000 and profited 10.9% so far. NB: I have actually did rigorous back testing with this EA and found the best settings to avoid a huge drawdown with minimal risks. Any questions regarding this…


Simple Programming for Forex Trading MT4

MT4 Platform
July 26, 2015

Programming is a widespread language utilized in the software package industry and with the actual release regarding MetaTrader investing system, it add a new programming language which is like C language into the trading world of Forex. Forex Trader with programming may put their triumphant methodology into the codes of programming and implement on the platform of MT4 trading in order to do this with the help of computer trades…


Forex Trading: Automated Forex, Forex Robots and Strategies

automatic forex robot
July 14, 2015

Forex implies the exchange of a single foreign currency directly into another foreign currency. To put it differently, the foreign currency of a single country when changed into another foreign then it’s called foreign exchange. You will find there’s massive marketplace for this exchange which is known as forex. In this business sector, banks, organizations, financial institutions, governments, brokers and financiers come together in order to bargain and figure out…


Forex Killer & Forex Autopilot: Comparison

Forex Killer and Forex Autopilot
July 14, 2015

Forex Market is exceptionally confounded and without having the right tools as well as data you’ll going to end up in a circumstance wherein you never need to be. In this world of competition, one should be exceptional, experimental and distinctive. You won’t have to fret to attempt tools of trading until you figure out the right tool. Forex Killer and Forex AutoPilot are likely the most significant brand names…


Testing the Forex Trading Strategies: Utilizing the Forex Tester

forex strategy tester
July 14, 2015

Demo trading system will be one of many ways although it is very complicated to have the complete Forex experience coming from a demo system. There are not equivalent to the live accounts. However, there’s computer software available that can help you. It is known as Forex tester. FOREX TESTERS The Forex simulator or Forex tester normally takes the historic information you enter into it and permits you to trade…