Stocks await Trump’s Hong Kong decision; dollar skids on Fed remarks

Market Commentary
May 29, 2020

Morning, this is the daily market commentary. Thanks for reading. Markets are bracing themselves for US president Trump’s press conference expected later today for his decision on what actions to take against China and Hong Kong. The Chinese Parliament yesterday passed the controversial national security bill,which is seen as eroding Hong Kong’s autonomy from China. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has already warned, that the legislation would endanger Hong…


How to Gain Knowledge in Forex Trading

Exchange rate
July 17, 2015

This short article is for forex professionals who need to make a few bucks via forex currency trading. Before you decide to find out more on forex currency trading, 7 traders out of 10 keep losing money in this particular marketplace; and the rest of the persons work unreservedly from their homes and make money in millions. The left 30% could be those with foreign exchange trading knowledge and skills….